Keep listening to music


*❤🌠  Music is what feelings sound like. 🌠 ❤

Music is a very important part of my life.  It does help me get through.   There are songs that I hear that will always remind me of a specific time in my life and what I was going through then.  I don’t think I could live without music.



Gorgeous Hair!


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So True!!!

The Legend of Oatcakes

So True!!!

Normally, I will try to avoid just posting rubbish I find on tumblr, but seriously, this is so true!

People just say, why don’t you enjoy life? why don’t you just be happy? why can’t you stop being depressed?
If I could, then I seriously fucking would.

Right now, example, I am wound up, I am feeling worthless, shit, ugly, pathetic, unwanted. If I could get rid of that, that sinking everlasting depression, then I seriously would. I would be happy, happy in my self and nothing like, things wouldn’t make me happy, people wouldn’t make me happy, I would be happy as a whole.

I’d give my left leg to just be happy.

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Truth About Special Needs Moms:

Overwhelming Sadness

Overwhelming Sadness

I feel this way often after the loss of my brother. I don’t think it is a pain that will ever go away. I miss him so much. I’ve lost many family members, but losing him has by far been the hardest because of the way he died.