25 Underappreciated Things Adulthood Feels Like

I loved this post. I can relate.

Thought Catalog

Uptown GirlsUptown Girls

1. Adulthood feels like eating a healthy breakfast, a packed lunch, and coming home and eating the leftovers you made from last night’s dinner. Or maybe having breakfast for dinner once in a while simply because you can.

2. Adulthood feels like spending less time with the people you don’t care for, and spending more time with those you do.

3. Adulthood feels like drinking hot tea on a Friday night or staying out till 5 a.m. But doing either of these because you want to, and not because you feel like you have to.

4. Adulthood feels like taking responsibility for your feelings, thoughts, and actions. And sometimes refusing to take responsibility for other people’s feelings, thoughts, and actions.

5. Adulthood feels like not defining yourself by the numbers in your bank account. But as much as you can, being responsible to your financial commitments.

6. Adulthood…

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