Those who love you…

Those who love you...

They love you unconditionally.

They respect you for who you are and love you the way you are.

When you feel broke, ugly and worthless, they still see you your beauty, wholeness and innocence.

That is called Loyalty.    💕💕



My heart is so tired. – Markus Zuzak


I feel like this a lot lately.  Life sometimes dumps a bunch of sh!t on us and when it rains it pours!!  It’s mentally and physically exhausting.  Tomorrow is a new day. 🌟

So True!!!

The Legend of Oatcakes

So True!!!

Normally, I will try to avoid just posting rubbish I find on tumblr, but seriously, this is so true!

People just say, why don’t you enjoy life? why don’t you just be happy? why can’t you stop being depressed?
If I could, then I seriously fucking would.

Right now, example, I am wound up, I am feeling worthless, shit, ugly, pathetic, unwanted. If I could get rid of that, that sinking everlasting depression, then I seriously would. I would be happy, happy in my self and nothing like, things wouldn’t make me happy, people wouldn’t make me happy, I would be happy as a whole.

I’d give my left leg to just be happy.

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