5 Ways to Help Someone Who’s Grieving

Unfortunately I have lost a lot of very important people in my life.   I remember the things people did for me to help me through the difficult times.  One that stands out is when I lost my mother.  I was 24 and lived in an apartment at the time.  My mother had passed away out of town.  When my family and I came back to town I went directly to my Dads house.  My neighbor brought my dog to my dads house because he knew I missed him and needed to see him.  I was single at that time in my life and my dog was like my child.   It meant a lot to me.  It will always mean a lot.

This article has some good ideas and great advice.  via 5 Ways to Help Someone Who’s Grieving.

When someone we love hurts from grief, it's difficult to know what to do. It's important not to let any hesitance keep us from doing anything at all.

I am a griever.

I wish I didn’t relate to what this image says, but I do.  It is amazing how some people can live most of their lives without losing someone close to them and they truly do not understand how it feels.  It changes your life.  Forever.  It changes your family.  It can cause your family to either become closer or drift apart.  It changes everything.

Yes, we move on but we never “get over it”.  We have to learn to accept it, or try to.  Having closure when someone passes away makes the grieving process somewhat easier, but unfortunately there are circumstances when we don’t have closure.

“My reality is forever changed.”


A Solitary Journey



This is so true.  Every person deals with death in a different way.  Losing someone to violence or suicide or losing a spouse or a child makes the grieving process so much harder.  It definitely helps to have someone who has experienced the type of loss you have been through.

There’s not always ‘closure’ in the never-ending story of grief

Great article about needing closure to help end the grieving process.

There’s not always ‘closure’ in the never-ending story of grief.